Main and lunch menu in Salt Flakes Restaurant

The Salt Flakes Restaurant menu is available throughout lunch and dinner. Open 6 days a week (Monday closed), lunch is available from 12:00 until 3:00 pm Friday to Saturday. Dinner is available from 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm Tuesday to Thursday, from 4:00 pm until 11:00 pm Friday to Saturday and from 12:00 pm to 9 pm on Sunday (including Public Holidays).


Lets Begin With

Pan fried Foie Gras with tomato, shallot & chilli chutney £8.50

Duck Ravioli, courgette puree, Beurre blanc sauce £7.50

Beef carpaccio with Burgundy truffles and shave pecorino cheese £8.50

West Mersea Oysters on ice, vinaigrette infused with shallot (half-dozen) £12.00

Slow braised Octopus Carpaccio £7.50

Seared Scallops with smoked Beetroot puree, crispy pancetta £8.00

Crayfish soup with smoked trout and dill oil £7.50

Soup of the day £5.00



Sea Bass with almond clams, green risotto, beurre blanc sauce £21.00

Cod fillet, crash green peas, smoked bacon, white fish sauce £16.50

Handpicked Welsh Mussels steamed in a cream and white wine, shallots, parsley £13.50

Lobster Pappardelle French tomato Concasse in a creamy sauce, fresh basil £17.50

Fish & Chips, fillet of Cod with sauce tartare, double cooked chips £14.00


Main Courses

Slow cooked Lamb Shank, parsnips puree garlic &rosemary read vine jus £17.50

Braised OX tail with Foie Gras, tender stem broccoli, Fondant potatoes £16.00

Norfolk Pork belly cooked in duck fat, apples sauce, savoy cabbage, Gratin dauphinoise £15.50

Roast breast of Duck with asparagus, caramelised shallot and polenta £16.50

Corn Fed French Chicken Breast, pearl barley, yellow and green courgette, creamy tarragon sauce £14.50

West Country 8 oz beef burger, warm Brioche, tomatoes jam, Dijon mayonnaise, Monterey Jack cheese, French fries £14.00

Oven -Roasted Ratatouille Provencal £12.00

Wild Mushrooms and spinach creamy Risotto £12.50


Prime Grilled Beef

Fillet of Beef 8 oz £26.00

Chateaubriand in porcini – cognac sauce 15 oz £60.00

Sirloin of Beef 10 oz £28.50

28 day aged English Rib-Eye steak 10 oz £29.50

T-Bone 32 oz £58.00

Garlic & thyme Marinated Bavette Steak 8 oz £18.00



Chicken Cesar salad: thyme croutons, shave parmesan, free range chicken breast £12.50

Smoked duck salad: avocado, orange Blossom water endive lettuce £13.00

Superb Food salad: quinoa, pomegranate, avocado, broccoli, goat cheese, fresh coriander, almonds and Brazil nuts £11.50



English fruit plate £6.50

Vanilla Crème Brulee £6.00

Hot Chocolate Fondant with vanilla ice cream £6.50

Selection of ice cream £2.00 (one scoop)


Premium Sides

French fries

New potatoes

Gratin dauphinoise

Mixed leaf salad

Tenderstem Broccoli & Red Chilli

Bread selection & French butter

Double cooked home made chips

£3.50 each


Red Wine Jus


Green Peppercorn

Beurre Blanc

£ 2.50



Soup of The day £2,50

Main Course

Grilled chicken breast £6.00 (served with chips or new potatoes)

Pan fried cod fillet £7.00 (served with chips)

Spaghetti pasta pomodoro £5.00



Angels Rose Flowering Tea £5.50
Breakfast Tea £3.00
Jasmine Tea £3.00
Peppermint Tea £3.00
Sunshine Orange Rooibos Tea £3.00
Earl Grey Tea £3.00
Pomegranate & Hibiscus Green Tea £3.00


Espresso £3.00
Double espresso £3.50
Cappuccino £3.50
Latte £3.50
Americano £3.50
Mocha £3.50
Hot chocolate £3.50

Soft & Juices

Sparkling water 750ml £3.50
Still water 750ml £3.50
Lemonade 200ml £2.00
Ginger Ale 200ml £2.00
Diet Coke 330ml £2.45
Coca Cola 330ml £2.45
Ginger Beer 200ml £2.00
Tonic 200ml £2.00
Slimline Tonic 200ml £2.00
Soda water 200ml £2.00
Bitter Lemon 200ml £2.00
Orange juice £2.00
Apple juice £2.00
Cranberry juice £2.00
Grapefruit juice £2.00
Pineapple juice £2.00
Tomato juice £2.00


All spirits are served in 25ml measures


Stolichnaya £2.40
Absolute £2.90
Belvedere £5.60
Grey Goose £5.30
Crystal Head £5.80


Bacardi £2.80
Havanah club £3.00
Captain Morgan £2.90
Sailor Jerry £3.60


Beefeater £2.90
Tanqueray £3.00
Hendricks £5.60


Jose Cuervo Gold £2.90
Patron Xo coffee £4.10


Martell vs £3.70
Remy Martin £3.70

Whisky / Whiskeys

Famous Grouse £2.80
Jameson’s £3.30
Jack Daniels £3.50
Johnnie Walker Black Label £4.30
Glenfiddich £5.50
Glenmorangie £5.80
Lagavulin 16yrs £8.50
Royal Salute £17.00


Aperol £1.90
Baileys £2.60
Campari £2.60
Cointreau £3.00
Amaretto £2.80
Frangelico £3.60
Grand Marnier £4.30

Special Events

Lunch set menu will be changed on regular basis; it is priced at £12,00 (excluding service charge, discretionary 12,5% service will be added to your total bill).
Please check with our lovely staff what are specials on our lunch set menu on the day.

A discretionary 12,5% service charge will be added to your bill. Before placing your request notify the order taker to any allergies you may have, in order for us to advise you on your choice.

The menu at Salt Flakes focuses on the classic French cuisine, seasonal delicacies and flavours of the world. It features some of the finest French delicacies including beef carpaccio with Burgundy truffles, lobster pappardelle, oven-roasted ratatouille provencal, chateaubriand in porcini and cognac sauce and various seafood-rich dishes. Salt Flakes also has a special menu to satisfy our youngest guest’s needs. We also encourage to try the dessert menu to complete the culinary experience at our restaurant. Our menu also includes the extensive drink list including tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices, spirits and wine.

The restaurant is available throughout lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday. Apart from the regular menu we encourage you to ask about the lunch set menu, which changes on regular basis and includes our Chef’s specialities. Our staff will be more than happy to help out in case there are any allergies. We’ll advise on the dish choice and help out in picking the right wine to enhance the taste of the served meals.